Living in Lovell!


Lovell is located in north central Wyoming, with around 2,500 residents in town, and several hundred more people living in the surrounding area.  Lovell was founded in the late 1800s and is named for Henry Clay Lovell, who brought the ranching industry to the area in 1879.  Remnants of the old Mason-Lovell Ranch remain and are open to the public.


Lovell prides itself on being the "Rose City of Wyoming."  Lovell was once home to Dr. William Horsley, one of the foremost authorities in his time on growing roses.  Dr. Horsley found Lovell's climate to be especially suitable for growing roses and he worked for nearly 50 years to spread his love of roses throughout the community.  In honor of Lovell's "Rose Doctor," the community now boasts numerous rose gardens and many residents work to cultivate that love of roses in their own gardens. 

Lovell's closest neighbors include the towns of Cowley, Byron, Deaver, and Frannie.

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